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Our contributions have been made around the globe. And we’re proud of that. Now we’re happy to showcase those accomplishments and to share them with you. After two decades in business, we’ve been involved in some interesting projects and have a few stories to share.


  FW-5015 Fire Rated Recessed for Drywall Walls
New on the market - Acudor is the first manufacturer in the industry to offer a fire rated access door for the wall with drywall installed in to the door panel to provide a concealed look in a drywall wall application. For use in Walls, fire-rated for up to 90-minutes with a temperature rise of max 250 C (450 F) over 30 minutes.
  UF-5000 Removable Door Panel 24" x 36"
In order to provide access in a wall where there was no room to hinge the door, our UF-5000 flush access door was modified to be completely removable with screwdriver latches.  (August 2011)
  Galvanized Roof Hatch 30" X 96"
This single leaf roof hatch is being used on a residential townhouse to gain access to the deck on the roof.  The double acrylic domes in the cover allow for daylight to enter and brighten up the living area underneath.  (May 2011)
  DW-5040 SC PC Double Leaf Flush Access Door
This door was specified in an office building hallway to provide access to some large valves and pipes that are concealed in the wall but occasionally need quick access.
(April 2011)

ARVB 36" x 48" x 8" CL PC Louvered Valve Box
This is a master gas valve box used in a kitchen in a Public School.
The fully enclosed box will house a master gas valve.  The door panel of the box is louvered to allow for ventilation.  (February 2011)

  UF-5000 8" x 8" St/Stl Vision Panel Access Door
This stainless steel access door is being used in a Forensics Laboratory.
The plexiglass vision panel allows for inspection of the valves, without opening the door.  When access is required, the quarter turn knob latch allows for quick easy opening.  (January 2011)
  UF-5000 48" x 48" CL St/Stl Louvered Flush Access Door
This access door was designed to be installed in a ceiling of a mechanical room to gain access to a large motor.  The door panel is louvered for ventilation.  the stainless steel material will perform well in this environment, which has some moisture. 
(November 2010)
  DW-5058 54" x 60" Recessed Non Rated Drywall Panel Door
For a million dollar renovation on a high end home, the architect chose this door 
because they needed access to walls & ceilings but still wanted a clean, concealed look.  (September 2010)

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